Tough mudder finisher!!

Almost a year since I fractured and dislocated my ankle I manage to complete the tough mudder event held in Dalkeith park, Edinburgh. Wore an ankle support but could honestly say I felt no discomfort for the duration of the run/walk/crawl/obstacles… Will most definitely take part next year but will certainly have to up the cardio training!! HOORA




Minor setback…


So, a week left before I compete in #toughmudder Edinburgh I break my baby toe in a freak accident. Being the trooper I am…the hospital waited a day before I got it checked out because I opted for the gym instead!! “Strap it up and don’t be doing any marathons for the next six weeks” she says…not on my watch!!


Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend…

Moving gym is literally like breaking up with someone, leaving a job or finding a new house. I mean, you get used to the same place after months/years of training and the equipment…” I will never find a machine like you ever again, I promise!! “. Walking into that new place is a weird feeling, scoping out the gear, seeing the essential credentials. How many benches are lying around? How high do the dumbbells go? However, it’s like any other change, the more you do it the quicker you learn to adapt!


Good to go!

After 6 months of recovery I had my latest consultation with the physio, regarding the chances of me getting back to leg training. Thankfully she was pleased with my progress and urged me to start off with a light weight at high reps, so I’m currently dead lifting and squatting 35 kg. A fraction of what I was lifting half a year ago but I don’t want to go too heavy and put myself back at square one. Was considering the possibilities of seeing my extremely fit physio on a regular basis…for free massages/advice etc!


Forrest Gump

It’s been a while since my last update but progress made today definitely warrants a post. I trained my legs today for the first time since my accident AND I also allowed myself a run on the treadmill…things I all took for granted before my injury! I haven’t been allowed to do much leg work at all but I started today building them back, although its heartbreaking lifting a fraction of the weight I did 6 months ago but I don’t want to risk it till my ‘probationary’ year is up. Witness the fitness!!


No time…like the present…

My new job requires me to undertake a 2 hour commute to and from work on a daily basis. I rise at 5am every morning to begin my multi staged journey. I leave work at 5.30pm and my train gets me halfway home at 7pm. I strictly stick to my training program and hit the gym on the way home which subsequently results me being back in my house by 9pm to have diner and prep my meals for the following day. I’ve been doing this schedule for the past few weeks and although my body has finally accustomed itself to the long hours I still feel the burn at the weekend. My only real gripe is I could do with a girl who really understands nutrition to help me prep my meals…any takers?


Flawed system

After given the all clear to begin walking again I was “fast tracked” to physio as a keen footballer. My first visit to the hospital included me being told I was using my crutch the wrong annnnnd they had no idea if I had surgery as it wasn’t included within my notes… The session did prove useful and I was sent my way with an A4 sheet of exercises to complete in my spare time. Three weeks past and I returned for my next session, this time the mood of my physio had soured and I felt I was being an unwanted hassle. I decided then to go to a local physio with proper equipment and helpful staff. They were able to answer all my questions and give me advanced exercises for my ankle. I was informed I could start leg workouts in 3 months time using low weight at high reps…so no squatting 100kg for the time being!